The Wetlands in Infrared

It had been a while since I had taken my IR-converted Panasonic G1 out to explore the local scenery. So last Saturday, after closing the gallery, I loaded a freshly charged battery in the Panny and headed out for a stroll.

Only a hundred yards from my front door is the entrance to the Giacomini Wetlands, a natural area with trails and steam-side access of the Lagunitas Creek. I was there in less than a minute and began wandering in the riparian area. I slowed down to look at the dream-like light and shapes that projected on my camera’s viewing screen. I love the way that sunlit foliage turns a radiant white, while the blue of water and sky goes dark.
Wetlands Ridgeline 130622_25I left any expectation behind as I wandered along the trails. I’ve found this “no expectation” way of photographing not only therapeutic, but  also very creative as the subconscious comes into play and sometimes leads me into a naturally creative space. An area beside the trail was back-lit by the late afternoon sun. It caught my eye.

Riparian, Lagunitas Crk. 130622_34After a while, I went down to the creek and found these trees aglow against the darkening sky. This is just the kind of scene that infrared photography can render into a dreamlike vision.

Lagunitas Creek Wide_130622_32

7 comments on “The Wetlands in Infrared

  1. Yes – I have converted several. I actually had one accepted and for display at the Marin County Fair. I look forward to doing some private hours and will send you an email. It may be after we return from Ireland & Scotland in mid-September before I can schedule anything. Best, Terry.

  2. Marty- I converted a Lumix G3 to IR and am having lots of fun with it. Created some great images of abandoned houses in Central Oregon and relics from bygone days in Shaniko, OR. Andy

    • Great to hear from you Andy! Can you send me (privately) either some of your new infrared work or a link to where I can see them. I’d love to see what you’ve been up to. Cheers! Marty

  3. Marty – these are great shots – BTW when are you going to put together an IR workshop. or better yet maybe a few private hours. I had my Canon 5D MkII converted. Best as always – Terry.

    • How exciting that you’ve converted your Canon. Have you pulled any images onto the computer from it yet? And are you having fun? (that’s the most important part!)

      I haven’t given IR workshop much thought, but will consider and let you know. As always, a one on one can be set up with me when we can find a time workable for both of us. Let’s talk.

      I don’t know the Canon 5D. Can you get a preview or review of the effects of exposure change on your image at the camera?

      Cheers, Marty

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