February’s Radiant Light 

In February the light begins to return here in coastal, northern California. This morning I looked through my archives to find images made during some of February’s radiant moments.

Everything begins with the light. Walk the same path a hundred times and you think you’ve seen all there is to see. You really haven’t, though. One day, at a particular hour during a certain season, you are surprised. The light has transformed the view. You find yourself in new territory. The fog lifts–revealing light shining on a previously unnoticed pond.


Views never seen before appear. What was once commonplace has become extraordinary. For a moment you wonder if you’ve ever been there before.  In fact, you haven’t. The light, the atmosphere of the moment has trumped the place. You experience a view that you may never see again. The world is new, brand new, born of a fleeting and precious moment.

There are still some frosty mornings as winter loosens its grasp on the land and sea. There is more light and it is of a different quality. The air has often been scrubbed clean by passing rain clouds and wind. Some hours the landscape seems to radiate its own light as if it is bursting from within. I am drawn to these gifts of light. That is what I photograph.

Film = February 1998

3 comments on “February’s Radiant Light 

  1. great photo Marty. Is that pond looking west or east. I didn’t see that on my trip to Mt. Vision.

    as always best to you

  2. Love the photos and your commentary, as usual, Marty! I know that little pond, as well as a larger pond below that one which is more looking towards the North from the road up the mountain. Haven’t been in West Marin for too many months. Thank you for your great photography and inspiration, my friend!

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