Portals: Windows of Light

Portals on a wooded trail invite us to dream of what lies beyond….
Walking the Green Bridge Trail in Point Reyes has been a revelation. There I practiced letting the photograph come to me. I discovered a multitude of surprising views and vistas by slowing down and looking deeply. Although I do not meditate in the formal manner, my photo walks are a form of deep contemplation. Today’s post reveals some of the windows of light I found along this trail.

See the complete Portals Collection here.

The Green Bridge Trail
For twelve years Jean and I have lived across the street from the Green Bridge Trail, a county preserve in Point Reyes Station. This park is intimate but features ever-changing vistas there. I have been surprised by the dramatic portals I’ve discovered during many walks there. I’ve explored the views during all seasons, at all times of the day. In places, the path detours to creekside views. In spring views of Lagunitas Creek are framed with the radiant life of newly-born foliage.

The Early Trail Views Preserved
When I first walked it, the trail was pleasantly overgrown. This created a feeling of being in a wild, natural sanctuary. These earliest views are presented in my book, One Place Deeply. Lately, though, the simple trails have been obliterated. Wide avenues have been brush-cut through the once narrow path. I feel fortunate to have seen and photographed the earlier, more natural views. The best ones are presented for you in a new online collection, Portals.

At certain times I was surprised to find a portal framing a view beyond. These “windows of light” were delightful and drew me in to photograph them. On some days my customary walk of 20 minutes would stretch into an hour. I photographed the inviting views before moving ahead on the trail. Although I knew what was beyond these openings, it was fun imagining I was about to enter a new and surprising world!

A Chance Encounter
I rarely saw anyone else on my early morning walks. But one time as I composed an image with my camera, a neighbor walked right into my scene! We were both surprised. She asked if I wanted her to back out of my photograph to avoid “spoiling” it.¬† I thought not. She and her dog added a serendipitous human touch to my work.




7 comments on “Portals: Windows of Light

  1. These are wonderful! They bring back good memories of our walk along that trail.

    Your description of the recent development there reminds me of a quote from William Blake: “Improvement makes straight roads, but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of Genius.”


  2. Marty, I think you’re right about your neighbor and her dog. It’s so unusual to see a person in an excellent landscape image, though I do have a previous print of yours with people in it, and there too they add to the image.
    Humans wouldn’t work in say an image of Half Dome, but there on the Green Bridge Trail she adds to the image, in a very unobtrusive way.

  3. These portals hover between the real and the imaginary world. An ethereal world of light, pattern, shadow, and joy of anticipation and mystery. Deeply beautiful visionary work. Wonderful.

  4. Marty, these are gorgeous. It seems that one would enter a magical world by going through, one full of delight.

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