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  1. I will always be learning not only about photography but how to look at photographs. You’ve taught me a lot, Marty. Thank you.

    • Good to hear from you, Michael. Thanks for the acknowlegement! I thought of you amd your own “Highway” photograph when I took and posted the Nevada Highway comparison photo.

  2. Hi Marty,
    I loved the tale of “Slaying the Mountain Lion*. Jean is an amazing strength to walk with you through the real fears and make them shrink, and to watch your back when sneaker waves roll in as you do the magic of your photography. It’s a real joy getting to know each of you. Thanks!
    Margaret Gaffney

    • Margaret,
      Thanks for reading my story about the Mountain Lion. As you know there really is no difference between imagined and real fears!
      It helps to have someone who has your back.

    • Thanks for letting me know that my photographs at UCSF are seen and helpful to folks who are dealing with difficult and painful health conditions. I’ve heard others’ reactions similar to your own and I’m gratified that these images can make a difference. Thanks so much for writing to me about this, Richard. best, Marty

  3. I enjoyed seeing one of your photographs a couple of days ago when I was taking my wife in for a outpatient medical procedure. It was the image titled “Snow and Ranch Fence.”

    It’s a good place for your photos — there is so much suffering going on in hospitals and it’s nice to having something that takes you away from all of that – even if only for a brief moment.

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