Preview Art on Your Wall

Have you had a hard time choosing which photograph and what size it should be for a certain space? Despite your efforts at measuring and trying to visualize what works best, you remain frustrated! It doesn’t have to be that hard. Listen, simply email us a photo of your wall with the titles you’d like to consider. We’ll send you virtual images with your selected artwork, already hanging on your wall! Just relax and decide at your leisure. Examples we’ve made to help clients follow. Complete instructions along with a link to samples are here: 

Galaxy and Shipwreck enhances the drama in this virtual placement.
Oak Circle, presented in a face-mounted version enhances the dining area of this home.
A quartet of infrared trees was chosen for an entry-way by a client.
Bolinas Ridge Triptych
Tamalpais Ridges & Fog, Face-Mounted
Oak & Clouds above desk
Clouds, White House Pool
Magnificent Oak
Large Tamalpais Ridges Triptych – Face-Mounted
Bubbles above tub
Triptych in separate frames

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