The Moon and Venus Glowed Brightly

The Moon and Venus glowed brightly and the frogs were so loud that when I look at this photograph I still hear them….

My friends, Hadley and Marty B. stood with me on the shore of this hidden cove at Lake Nicasio, all of us struck silent by the startling beauty of the moon and venus in the darkening sky. As we set up our cameras, the silence broke. Two bullfrogs began croaking in joyous guttural conversation, first one to our left, then a reply came from our right. Back and forth they sang! It seemed that they acknowledged and accepted our peaceful presence. The sky so deep, so dark, so quiet. The frogs so deliriously happy…. we too. All of us delighted in the evening’s magic moment.

We had come to Lake Nicasio to see if we could find darkened skies suitable for photographing the stars.  Hoping for stars above and their reflections on still waters, this late February date provided us with both. It was clear, very, very cold… and not a breath of wind to stir the surface of the lake.  At first, I resisted including the brightly-glowing, new moon in my composition. I knew that the long time exposure would blur it’s shape. However, I soon decided to try.

I’m pleased by the effect of the diffused but brilliant light these heavenly orbs express in the night sky photograph. The long exposure reveals more of the millions of stars that are above us. This new photograph,  The Moon and Venus, Lake Nicasio has been added to the online catalog.


4 comments on “The Moon and Venus Glowed Brightly

  1. This is a really beautiful photo Marty. Congratulations!
    Of course, all of your photos are lovely, but this one shines. Gorgeous!!

    • Judy,
      There’s something about the night sky around the shore of Nicasio Lake. Moonrises seem other-worldly there. Thanks for looking and posting your positive reaction. I appreciate that!

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