Stones and More at Joshua Tree

First the Stones
Last week my brother-in-law, Tom, ordered one of my favorite Joshua Tree photographs: Two Boulders, Skull Rock Trail. As I was making and framing this print for him and his wife, Marianne, I wondered why I hadn’t featured more of my Joshua Tree photography on my website. After all, I had made a number of visits to this favorite place during the last 20 years and had spent many happy hours exploring the fabulous rock-strewn landscape there.

So, once their edition was packed and shipped off to North Carolina, I began  reviewing my archives of Joshua Tree photographs. It was a delightful time spent as many memories came flooding back. I swear I could smell the fragrant desert air of spring. I felt the sun warming my body again as I revisited my archives. At first I looked for more stone photographs. It seems I have a thing for stones and rocks. You see, granite quarries were my playground as a child. I grew up right next to one of the largest extant granite quarries on the shore of Connecticut.

Joshua Tree provides an diverse array of fascinating rock formations. I especially enjoyed photographing these forms when the sun was low on the horizon. Some of the shapes I found amazed me! I’ve selected five favorites to show you. They are arranged in a quintet in the graphic that heads this post. For a real treat, though, follow the individually linked samples back to my website and scroll through to see the enlarged versions of all five.

Joshua Tree Collection is Now Online
But, I didn’t stop at the stones. While rock hunting, I found a number of photographs that explore the unusual flora, as well as some compositions that feature star-splashed skies at Joshua Tree National Park. I’ve gathered the best that I found — thirty images in the new Joshua Tree Collection. There’s a lot to look at, so be sure to scroll through the enlarged images. Check it out!

My dream is to put together a book on my Joshua Tree visits – stones, stars and trees. I’ll keep you posted!


5 comments on “Stones and More at Joshua Tree

  1. I remember some of the photos from the trips I was on with you. I think a book would be nice. My walls are getting crowded!

  2. Marty, I love the light on the rocks and the expressiveness of the Joshua trees. Add those to the night skies, and you have captured a magical place.

  3. Hi Marty – I hope you and Jean are staying healthy. Chrissy, Denise and I are doing well. Chrissy, of course, is getting cabin fever as we had to close her day program at Marin Ventures.

    I’m looking forward to getting out to your gallery with the Shelter-in-Place has been lifted. I am also excited to see your collection of Joshua Tree work. It is a truly wonderful experience, and of course, one I experienced with you on one trip. Like many photographers my work lately has been taking daily trips down memory lane with posts to FB. This of course is good for the spirit but bad as I just anxious to get my cameras back in action in the field. Your work is inspirational as always. All the best! Stay Safe, Stay Well! Terry.

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