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 Marty Knapp – Portrait of a Photographer

by Logan Kelsey from Vertical Online on Vimeo.


Marty Knapp, Artist Sketch by Michael Morrissey

VIDEOSmall Marin County Town Pushes to Reduce Light Pollution (KPIX News Feature)

AUDIO – Looking at Images with Brooks Jensen – Backlit Oak Photograph


Brooks Jensen. Editor of Lenswork Publishing, comments on Marty’s new book:
One Place Deeply: Walking the Green Bridge Trail
Video Here
Audio Only:

AUDIO – Marty Knapp in conversation with Elia Haworth on KWMR program “Inquiring Minds,”  February 23, 2019: Courtesy of KWMR, listener supported radio of West Marin County, California.

Do What You Love for Life

Marty Knapp in conversation with Brooks Jensen from
LENSWORK EXTENDED #125, Computer Edition, July-August 2016
Complete audio interview courtesy of Lenswork Publishing here:


About Marty Knapp: Beginnings

In 1988 I quit my day job and became a self-employed photographer. I survived using only my camera and my darkroom. I did portraits and weddings, copied photographs and made slides for artists. In my darkroom, I developed films and made custom prints for clients. In my spare time I pursued my own creative work, capturing dramatic moments of light in the Point Reyes Seashore landscape, and then printing editions for collectors. My long-term goal was to follow my passion and support myself through the sale of my photographs.

Sales of my creative work began growing in the 1990s, so by 2000 I opened the Marty Knapp Photo Gallery on Highway One in Point Reyes. Today, my wife Jean and I show my work there, welcoming visitors from around the world.  The gallery is at 11245 Shoreline Highway, in the heart of downtown Point Reyes Station. Open weekends 11-5.  Also open by appointment.

I also offer classes and coach photographers in the art of black and white photography. My specialty is the demonstration of finding and using the best light to make expressive compositions.

From Analog to Digital

In 2010, after 25 years of developing film and making silver gelatin prints in a traditional, wet darkroom, I started making my first digital prints both from scanned negatives and my first digitally-captured images. In February of 2011, I made my last silver gelatin prints. Today, I make archival pigment prints, using Ultrachrome K-3 inks on the industry’s finest 100% cotton smooth fine art papers. These prints are available for purchase online here and at the Marty Knapp Photo Gallery in Point Reyes Station.

My current workflow includes the use of Adobe Lightroom for image processing and Epson large format printers to make my archival black and white prints. Today all my digital photography is done with Sony mirrorless cameras: I have the original models, A7R, A7S and the A7 (converted for frared photography. One of my cameras has been converted to record infrared light which enables me to create dream-like images from light just beyond the range of our human eyes.

Selected Books & Articles

Lenswork Extended #125 Computer Edition July-August 2016:
featuring Marty’s Infrared Trees Portfolio & audio conversation with Brooks Jensen.
, Nov-Dec, 2011, Year End Gallery
Point Reyes 20 Years, Knapp, Marty, Mount Vision Press 2007 (Bronze medal, 2007 Independent Pubisher Book Awards.)
Black & White Magazine, August 2006, Portfolio winner, feature article
The World’s Top Photographers: Landscape, Hope, Terry, Rotovision, Switzerland, 2003

Early Writings –
Musings on the Creative Process

9 comments on “Marty Knapp: Contact & About

  1. Marty,
    I says a copy of your “Point Reyes 20 Years Photographs and Essays” recently on a trip to California and was profoundly touched by it. Are there any copies of this book available? How would I get a copy?
    Thank you so much. Beautiful photos and deeply moving essays.

  2. Pingback: ‘One Place Deeply’ scenes along Papermill Creek and the Giacomini wetlands « Sparsely Sage and Timely

  3. Marty, it was so wonderful to get to be in your gallery yesterday, and to see how successful you have been with your art. Thank you for your generous gift of the calendar of your moving photography, and your shining presence. It has always been a pleasure to share being in this life with you. Huuggss and wishing you a smiling heart, Sharon

  4. Dear Marty — will you be offering a 2023 black & white calendar in the same format as the 2022 calendar that I purchased from you last year?

    Many thanks,

  5. Hello Mr. Knapp,
    Wow, at last I found someone similar to me in thinking and photographing.
    Just finished watching Artist Sketches, and listening to your talk, inspiring, educational. Going to break a habit, looking, liking at a scene and just keep driving. That stops today. I have to go out now, but when I get back in a few hours, will look at your gallery images, from what I saw so far, beautiful. Thank you.
    I’m not a Spring Chicken, and time is short for me, in a couple of weeks I turn ninety one, but that’s ok. I still go out everyday and photograph

  6. Marty, Just looking at your infrared photos of trees. As always, just blown away by the beauty of your works. I’m also a student of Bill Helsel’s, but discovered you both separately. I was to share a lesson with you several years ago, but my sharers backed out at the last minute. Even at my advanced age age hope to try it again with you, just as I have really enjoyed Bill’s classes. Writing this to compliment and encourage you in your truly wondrous work. Thanks, John Jenkins

    • Patrick,
      I don’t know if you’re seeing this, but I sent you an email directly in response to your question,

  7. Greetings Marty, We just hung up your photo of the GG bridge in a new spot, and we looked at your webpage. Still beautiful work.

    We fell in love with the Oak Circle infrared photo fo the three oaks. I realize your print size is limited, perhaps by your equipment. Is it possible to outsource the printing for a larger print, say 30 inches wide?

    Celia also asked about your triptychs, as we have a few of yours . Are you still offering those.

    Hope all is well. We think of you often when we are suddenly grabbed by one of your photos as we walk by

    Warm regards, Rich and Celia Lenson (from Napa)

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