Private Photo Coaching Sessions Online or In Person

Private Photo Coaching Sessions Online or In Person
Now offering one-on-one sessions online when in-person meeting is not possible.

Marty with Sammy

Point Reyes Station, California 94956

I’m a life-long learner and lover of photography. I love to help folks learn more about how to find and create better images. I’ve been at my art and craft for over forty years and have a lot of experience to offer. I look forward to answering your questions as we work together to improve your skills.

These sessions are truly personal. Once you order a block of time I’ll contact you to set up a date and time. We’ll also discuss your needs so we can customize your session to better direct the time we will spend. During our actual session we’ll work together, again, as I help you find solutions to your questions.

To Reserve a Session, Go Here
Hourly Rate 
$90/hour (2-6 hours) 2-
hour minimum sessions required.
Discounted Rate – 6 hours x $80 = $480:
Split into three 2-hour sessions on separate days*
*Sometimes multiple 2-hour sessions can be arranged, split by a break on same day

IMPORTANT: Please read the list of some ways I can help you before purchasing a block of time for your private session:

Areas we can work on

Sessions customized to meet your goals
Camera controls  (particularly manual considerations) – Compositional considerations – Finding & using best natural light – Using PhotoEphemeris to plan night-time photo sessions – Setting up artificial light – Modifying artificial or existing light – Converting color digital files to B&W – Astro and Moon Photography – Macro photography – Organizing digital files with Lightroom – Optimizing digital files for web or print – Printing custom B&W prints w. Epson ABW (Advanced Black & White) utility – Matting the fine print – Framing options – Lighting & hanging your photographs – Reviews and critiques of your work.

Once you find some things you’d like me to help you with, purchase a block of time:
*When I receive your order I will contact you via email or phone to work out a schedule and a plan for our time. If we decide that what you want to work on is something I am not able to help you with, you will be issued a complete and immediate refund.

If we use Zoom, you’ll need to have it installed on your computer. A desktop or laptop is best, though many use iPads. Having a webcam built into your device is important. You can use a phone, but believe me a larger screen will help you see and understand any demonstrations I make for you much better. If you have any questions before purchasing a session, reach out to me either at 415.663.8670 or

Sessions are not taxable, but the web store may add tax to any purchase made with a bank card billed to a California address. If this happens, and we don’t catch it, please notify us so we can refund the tax amount to you.


My current digital camera equipment:
My cameras are Sony Mirrorless: Sony A7R, A7, A7S &  RX100M3
My current passions are IR photography with my converted Sony A7 and long exposure astro-photography with the Sony A7S.  Also I explore the small world via close-up macro photography. All pursuits are a joy when working with live-view mirrorless gear!




3 comments on “Private Photo Coaching Sessions Online or In Person

  1. I enjoyed meeting you this past Monday when we had breakfast in Point Reyes with my brother Andy, his wife Ann, and my wife, Susan. I’d like to follow up and find out your availability to have a coaching session at your studio in Point Reyes.

    Larry Greenhill

  2. Marty,

    I just posted at orders @ and wanted to ensure I posted at the correct location. I am interested in a one day session from taking the b & w photograph to processing. Thank you Marty.

  3. Hello Marty,
    Nice to meet you on Sunday. I was there with my friend and talked with you for a bit. I am interested in learning to print on fine art paper…I have a photographer friend that I am going to see if she
    will come up with me and do a class with 2 people.
    Let me know what days of the week work best for you and perhaps we can schedule something for
    end of September or October. Thank you,
    Brenda (from San Jose)
    Also, what size files would be best to bring for the class and are jpegs ok?
    my email is

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