Lenswork Publishes Infrared Trees Photos

Last Monday night after returning from a day of photography with a friend, I found a notice from Lenswork that their latest online digital edition had been published. Exciting news! This meant that my portfolio Infrared Trees accompanied by the audio file of a conversation I had with editor and publisher Brooks Jensen was going out into the world! (You can listen to the conversation, courtesy of Lenswork, on my site via the link above.)

The beautifully-produced pdf edition, which also includes collections from six other photographers, is available only from the publisher for $9.95 and can be downloaded here:  Lenswork Extended #125 Computer Edition. Please note: only the extended “computer edition” contains my portfolio. The tablet version does not

Lenswork selected twenty-one photographs to publish from a larger group of my tree photographs here. Screen shots from my section of the online publication are here below:

Infrared Trees title page     Infrared Trees Marty Knapp text page

I’m honored to have my photography featured in this prestigious publication. I’ve been a long-time subscriber and follower of Brooks Jensen and Lenswork. Their bi-monthly print and online journal features the best of contemporary photography along with thoughtful essays about the creative process. I have been inspired and benefited greatly from both the print and online versions of Lenswork.

Brooks Jensen’s more than 900 podcasts have informed me during my migration from film to digital photography. His musings on the creative process are so insightful and motivating that I recommend them to all aspiring and practicing photographers. His are the best and longest running podcasts on photography. They are free and accessible via several means. Check out this great resource here!

6 comments on “Lenswork Publishes Infrared Trees Photos

  1. Marty—

    Enjoyed your portfolio in Lenswork Extended. Which is why I bought the notecards from you.

    I had just gotten a camera converted by LifePixel myself.


    • Jerry,
      Thanks for letting me know you saw and liked my work in Lenswork Extended. I hope the tree photograph notecards are pleasing to you.

  2. This is great, Marty! Gorgeous presentation and a very solid collection of photos. BTW, in case you feel like going farther inland, there are some good IR-worthy oak trees in Crane Creek Regional Park (Sonoma County).

    • John,
      Thanks! Yes… I have been to Crane Creek just a couple of times. In fact one of the photos published by Lenswork in this edition is a lichen-draped Buckeye tree linked here in my website: Mossy Buckeye 141

  3. Marty –

    Congratulations on your fine IR work appearing in LensWork Extended 125. I much agree with Brooks’ introduction to the interview: the trees dominate the images and the IR is recessive. Tough to do; you’ve done it well. I especially like the “understory” images; the IR sensor produces images with the tones of the leaves well separated from the tones of the tree trunks and branches and thus revealing much of the structure we tend to only see in the winter. Nice!

    LensWork is indeed a well worthwhile publication to consume in all its forms: podcasts, by pdf download, printed bi-monthly edition, books. All well done, all reasonably priced. The quality of the printing is outstanding and has won numerous awards for production quality.

    Congratulations again on your portfolio in the current edition.


    • Frank,
      Thanks for these positive comments. You can imagine how amazed and happy I am to be included in this fine publication.

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