Miata Frost Detail 39
A floral-like frost pattern found Christmas morning on the trunk of Jean’s Miata sports car.

Last week in Point Reyes we had the coldest mornings of the winter as temperatures plunged into the high 20s. That may not seem cold to my New England friends, but it was chilly enough for me to cut short my usually leisurely walk with Jean and our pups. I did not carry my camera. My skin is thinner these days and my fingers ached from an old frostbite injury. During last week’s arctic blast, my pace quickened and we all hastily retreated to the comforting warmth of our hearth.

Back home and warm again, I thought about photographs I’d made a few years ago during some even frostier mornings. In particular, I remembered ones made during freezing mornings between 2015-2017. I searched my archives for the most evocative ones I could find. I gathered images of frost tableaus, close-ups of frost-adorned flora, and wider views of frost-covered landscapes. You can see this new collection at my website here: Frost Collection.

3 comments on “Frost

  1. I wonder if frost patterns follow the same premise as snowflakes in that no two are alike. Frozen water, what makes it take these beautiful and unique shapes? Just wondering. Enjoyed your observations. Thanks Marty.

  2. MartyMan ~ exceptional, exciting, you continue to surprise and astonish. Lots of artful arrows in thy quiver. Bullseye!

  3. Great image, Marty. I’m in upstate NY now, and it’s above freezing. For a day or two, anyhow.

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