My Favorite Photos from 2022

It’s that time–time to look back, to review the year’s photographic efforts. If you were to ask me earlier, I’d say that I hadn’t made very many significant photographs this past year. But, like presents set aside to unwrap later, I’ve found, hidden away, a number of worthy images to share with you. They’re now unwrapped and presented to you here in a review of some of my favorite photos of 2022!

Please scroll down to see the selections. Each photo is linked to its page on the website. The complete collection can also be found here: 2022 Favorite Photos.

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New Year’s Day Geese, January 1
Starting the year off right, my wife Jean and I celebrated the morning of her birthday with a walk in the Point Reyes Wetlands. We heard the geese honking as they approached quickly from the north. My small Sony camera was in my pocket. I quickly pointed it overhead, and hoped my shutter was set fast enough!

Three Lilies,
February 9

A warm spell and again a morning walk. Just around the corner from my house, the rising sun pointed at these perfectly formed blossoms.

Afternoon at Lagunitas Creek,
March 17

There are only two places along the Greenbridge trail where you can see Lagunitas Creek. I go there often to check on the changing view.

Canopy, Rush Creek
, April 6

With the changing light there are moments when you notice hitherto unremarkable shapes in the forest. I wandered from the Rush Creek trail to look closer at these branches.

Two Oaks, Rush Creek, April 6
These trees, seemingly unrelated, became connected when I found the right place to stand with camera.

Verdant Path, Muddy Hollow Trail, April 7

I began exploring this trail for the first time last April. Sunlit greenery turns radiant with infrared capture. I could not resist!

Spring Oasis, Muddy Hollow Creek
, April 7

On a late afternoon walk, I was drawn to the sunlight streaming through the trees at Muddy Hollow Creek. I paused to look deeper as the new spring growth became radiant in the last light.

Blazing Sun Surprise
, June 9

Afternoon on the Greenbridge Trail. A patch of tall grass seemed ablaze.

Dewdrop Bouquet
, July 30

Morning sun lit up this dew-covered web near my front porch. I walked back in the house to get my camera. The light was just so….

Morning Dewdrop Closeup
, July 30

I got down on my knees to explore this jewelled fabric more deeply.

Giacomini Wetlands Barn, August Evening
, August 22

A recurring theme–a road to somewhere, something, some place.

Sunrise Sky, Point Reyes Wetlands, September 6
How did this happen?

Night Sky at Salt Point
, October 24

Jean and I spent one night in the motorhome on the Sonoma coast. It was clear enough to photograph the Milky Way.

Papermill Creek on Thanksgiving Eve, November 23
I returned to the creek to see what changes the autumn brought. This year has not ended but I’ll pause here for now.




6 comments on “My Favorite Photos from 2022

  1. I always think my work as a music teacher is the best job in the world. But yours, Marty, is truly enviable, steeped in beauty as you are! Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Make a calendar next year of your favorite photos – they were all stunning. Thank you. for sharing them.

  3. You continue well! I enjoy seeing you forgotten images. I really think, Marty, you knew of them all along ;-). Have a good doggy day, hopefully ‘La Nina’ gives us more.

  4. Marty, thanks for sharing as your images always energize me to pick up my camera and head out the door. Well, maybe not today as it is raining. On the other hand, maybe with “bad” weather will come some good opportunities.

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