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415 663-8670 155 3rd Street, Point Reyes Station, CA

“I’ve taken several of Marty’s classes, over several years. You only have to look at one of his photographs to understand how deep his knowledge of photography goes. It’s the reason I’ve returned again and again—that and his intimate familiarity with the Point Reyes area. And the hope that some of that amazing talent will rub off on me. Marty is very kind and patient, too, and very generous with sharing his knowledge with his students. I’ll be back for more.”
Lisa Franklin

“As you know, Marty, I’ve taken a number of photo workshops over the years, including several from you at such diverse locations as Point Reyes, Death Valley and the Alabama Hills. I always come away from your workshops with new photographic insights and enhanced skills. Your small and relaxed classes, along with your constructive approach to mentoring, always facilitate the learning process. In short, I’ve found your workshops to be fun and rewarding. I’m looking forward to future adventures.”
Hadley Johnson

“It was immediately obvious that Marty had put a lot of time and thought into developing and preparing this class. Marty is extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter, but more importantly, he can make it understandable to the class. . . . I plan to take more classes from Marty, and would highly recommend his instruction to a friend.”
David Silva

“It was privilege to participate in photography workshop with Marty in the Alabama Hills. The three other participants were more skilled than I, especially in terms of the nuances of black and white photography, yet I felt completely comfortable. In the brief three days together I began to develop a sense of looking at variations in brightness that has affected my color photographs, I learned more about framing and choosing what to shoot, I learned some of the subtleties of computer post-processing techniques and I had a great time. Throughout shooting, breakfast, post-processing and lunch we shared information and stories, being gently guided by Marty. And it is inspiring to witness Marty’s connection with nature both with and without the camera lens. A photo workshop with Marty is a wonderful gift for your soul with the extra gift of bringing home beautiful visual memories.”
Richard Lenson

“I remember fondly the Pt Reyes photo workshop with you. You arranged that we were in the right places at the right times, with the right light, supported by a full belly and good coaching. Our discussions afterward introduced me to Lightroom (my constant tool since that time) and your supportive commentary about all the work done that day. We students experienced a top-notch professional in his habitat, and we felt warmly welcomed into your professional studio and workflow. Thanks, Marty, for memorable times, and a superb experience.”
Carolyn Cole

“Marty Knapp not only has the distinction of being one of today’s best landscape photographers, but also an outstanding instructor in many aspects of the art of photography. He generously shares the tips and tricks of professional photography in a thorough and thoughtful format. I’ve learned much from his classes and consider it a rare opportunity to learn from a master.”
Jairemarie Pomo

“I have had the pleasure of taking 2 workshops from Marty. My husband and I have long admired his work; in fact, we already had a small collection of his Pt. Reyes area photographs before signing up for his workshops. Marty knows the Pt. Reyes area intimately so is exceedingly helpful in recommending good photographic locations, time and place to capture the best light, and how to best compose a photograph in a specific location. One of the most useful tips he gave to me was in framing the photograph that I want to take—set up your photograph and, when you think that you have the shot that you want, move the camera just a bit to the right, left, up or down. Take a breath and relax. See if just a little change makes it better—it might make all of the difference. Marty is a very patient and thoughtful teacher. It is such a pleasure to work with such an accomplished artist.”
Sharell Katibah

“I first met Marty while on vacation in Point Reyes when I walked through his studio and was awed by the magnificent photos of the surrounding area. I have been to Point Reyes a number of times since and think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world; yet Marty’s photos illuminate it in a way that makes me look more closely and critically at what I am seeing.

Sometime after that vacation, I attended a three day B&W course conducted by Marty in his studio. I’d always enjoyed looking at B&W photography, but I never bothered with anything other than color. With a combination of field trips to the surrounding area, critiques by Marty and the class members, and discussion of what elements make a good B&W photograph, Marty imparted years of his experience to the group. It was one of the most stimulating experiences I have been through with photography or for that matter anything else.

Although I live in Washington, DC, when I get to California and visit Point Reyes, it is always a pleasure to contact Marty and continue our friendship.”
John Weiss

“I had the privilege of spending several hours with Marty at one of his private coaching sessions. Although I consider myself an experienced photographer, within minutes I realized Marty was stretching my vision of what to look for in light and composition. There are hidden gems all around us that we simply don’t see until an experienced teacher opens our mind to the obvious. I have since found myself slowing down and quieting my mind when doing landscape photography. Thanks, Marty, for encouraging this kind of personal growth.”
Rob Katibah

“Marty Knapp is a great teacher. He is patient, wise, and, most of all, inspiring. I have been an avid photographer for over 30 years and still learn technique, composition, and use of light when I take classes with Marty. Reading a manual and photo books is not the same as collaborating with a pro. There is synergy in editing a photo using Lightroom with Marty that I can’t get on my own. If you want to up your game as a serious photographer, spend some time with Marty. I’m so happy I did.”
Lulu Wong

“I’ve known Marty Knapp for over 5 years. I always stop by his studio whenever I’m in Point Reyes Station. It’s always a pleasure to stop by and chat about photography and see his latest work. He is always very helpful discussing technic and sharing ideas. It’s refreshing to see someone who has been doing this for as long as Marty has and still be fresh, full of new ideas.

I started using Lightroom (1.0) in 2006. I’ve been self-taught and as a result there are gaps in my overall knowledge of the program. About two years ago, during a visit to Marty’s studio I discovered he was using Lightroom. I asked him a couple of “how do you do this” questions and he was very helpful with solving some issues I was having.

It was based on that experience that I asked if he could develop a special training session for me. I gave him an outline for the areas I’d like to learn more about. We arranged a date and met. Marty was totally prepared to discuss the sections I was interested in. He was able to explain each subject clearly, satisfying my agenda. Marty is a good listener and teacher.

Marty is the go-to guy, whether you are just starting out or have been using Lightroom for years. He is patient and informative. I highly recommend taking Lightroom lessons and field courses for technic from Marty.
Michael Morrissey

“Just have to share the exciting news that two of the pictures I took in your 4-day workshop a couple of years ago have sold. My first sale! If it hadn’t been for your instruction, I’m sure I wouldn’t have captured those.”
Lisa Franklin

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