Picturing Your New Photo

View Artwork on Your Wall (before you buy it!)

Selecting the right size and right place to hang your new artwork has never been easier.  Provide us with a photo of the room in which you’d like to  feature your photograph and we’ll provide you with a digital file showing how your photograph will look in it’s new place. With this file you can decide what size and framing works best for you. We’ll calibrate your space for you, showing you how things fit and how they’ll look. No need for you to measure the wall or tape a mock-up. With our new free service, Picturing Your New Photo,  you can make these decisions before you order you artwork.

Some examples of presentations we made to help our clients select artwork for their walls are here: Preview Photos on Wall Sample Gallery

How to get your wall preview:
1. Select the room wall  where you’re considering hanging framed photography.
2. Remove any pre-existing artwork from the wall(s) being considered.
3. Tack a  piece of computer paper (8.5 x 11″) to the wall where the new artwork would go.
4. Photograph a normal view of the room wall including the sheet of paper. (smartphone photos are fine.)
5. Email us the wall photo(s) with list of titles of the photo(s) you are considering hanging there.

We’ll process your wall photo, patching in simulations of the framed photographs, in calibrated scale with the dimensions and prices and email it back to you.

Here are some examples using a few generic room spaces and artwork selections:

office-2photos office-oakcircle livingroom_clrlake

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