Preview Art on Your Wall

View Framed Photographs on Your Wall (before ordering!)

Selecting the right size and right place to hang your new artwork has never been easier.  Email us a photo of the room in which you’d like to feature your photograph. We’ll send you digital examples with your photo hanging virtually in place. You can decide what size and framing works best for you. No need to measure the wall or tape a mock-up. With our free service, Picturing Your New Photo, you can confidently decide before you order you artwork. Here are some samples made for our clients:
Preview Photos on Wall Sample Gallery

How to do it and what you need to know:
1. Remove any pre-existing artwork from the wall(s) being considered.
2. Tack a  piece of computer paper (8.5 x 11″) to the wall where the new artwork would go.
3. Photograph a normal view of the room wall including the sheet of paper. (phone photos okay.)
hint: include a little of the surroundings to give a feel of how the artwork will look in context.
4. Email us the wall photo(s) with list of titles of the photo(s) you are considering hanging there.

Note: please send us a photo somewhat larger than the smallest version for quality considerations.

Here are some actual simulations we made of artwork hanging in clients rooms.


One comment on “Preview Art on Your Wall

  1. Hello Marty
    I have been a fan of your work for years.
    I am remodelling my dining room, and considereing a large
    black and white photograph as a main focal point. However, I need to understand the costs affiiated with such work. Could you send me your price sheet, and the measurements of the largest sizes you can print?

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