The Right Photograph for Your Wall

Choosing the right photograph for your wall

Choosing the right photograph for your wall can be a difficult task. The biggest hurdle to overcome is visualizing it in context with your furnishings and decor. Taping a piece of paper to the wall can help you decide how large your artwork should be. However, the aesthetics and emotional character… the “feel” of the prospective artwork is impossible to assess with only a piece of paper tacked to your wall. Because of this difficulty many of us  postpone our decision, thus delaying the enjoyment that a well-chosen artwork brings to our life. As a gallery owner, I also struggle with choosing the photographs, their size and placement, that I want to show on my walls. Because of these obstacles we all face, I’ve looked for and have now found a powerful and effective solution.

ClearLake w. Couch Pano

Picturing Your New Photo

Last fall I acquired an application that enables me to simulate & virtually display photographs on any wall. I can move these photographs around, try different ones, re-size them, put up a single framed piece or even arrange a group. All I need is an image of your wall to provide you with simulations of my photographs hanging on your wall! I’ve used this service to help more than a dozen clients select their framed artwork… to assess the right size and the right compositions that works in their space.  I’ve also planned exhibits for my own gallery before making the prints and framing them! My recent New Work exhibit of infrared trees was arranged this way.

Service is Free

This service is free – available to anyone choosing photographs from my catalog for their location. It’s simple. Just take a photo – phone photos are fine – of the space you’re considering. Include a standard sheet of printing paper taped on the wall so I can calibrate.  Email me the image(s) with a list of the photos you’re considering. I’ll send you back pictures of your wall with sample photos laid in. So easy! If you’ve been thinking of adding a beautiful photograph  to your home or business, I hope you’ll contact me. Please check out the easy instructions with helpful hints here: Picturing Your New Photo.

Sample Photos

Following are some examples of artwork I placed virtually on photographs of walls that my clients emailed to me. These simulations were used to help folks select & size their new artworks. This process has been satisfying for all of us as  selections were made directly from these working files.

This large abstract image featuring bubbles was considered for a bathroom.

bubbles above bathtub

My client selected between the Eastern Sierras photograph and the Drakes Beach Moonrise for their living room.

road alabama above couch

drakes lrg above couch

The Tamalpais Ridges & Fog  photograph below now graces the wall above the mantle of a collector’s fireplace.

Tamalpais Ridges over Fireplace

A large oak seems fitting above this fireplace:

Stout Oak.

The Bolinas Ridge Triptych was printed large and presented in separate frame for this room.

Bolinas Triptych in Single Frames Bedroom

This large panorama of Double Sun, Abbotts Lagoon was considered for this bedroom.

Double Sun over Large Bed

4 comments on “The Right Photograph for Your Wall

  1. I can’t wait to try this. For the ones I already have, I know we had to choose carefully because I wanted very large enlargements, which doesn’t work for every photograph. Will I be able to see if the size makes the photo too “fuzzy” (technical term – ha ha !)

    • You really get a great idea of how a photograph “feels” when larger and in context with your interior and furnishings. I’m able to advise you if a certain photograph is *not* recommended due to being too large. (I’m going to send this reply to you directly as well, since I’m never certain if folks get advised of my postings here at my website.

    • John,
      Thanks for looking.
      It’s fun taking a photo of a room and “hanging” various photographs to see what looks best.

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