More Wetlands Photos with Small Sony

The best camera is the one you have with you…

In my last post I wrote about the fun I had making hand-held photographs in the wetlands near my Point Reyes home. I continue to be surpriFrosted Grasses & Berry Vinessed by the exceptional quality I’m getting from my small camera, the pocketable Sony RX100M3. And, what especially pleases me is that I am finding images because I actually have the camera with me on my morning walks! I’m certain that many of these new photographs would not exist if they had awaited my arrival with a larger, tripod-mounted camera. On New Year’s Day the meadow glittered with frosted grasses. These ice-laden grasses and berry vines beckoned me closer.  Wetlands Trail 799

A week later the rains returned! I walked the wetlands trail between the mid-January storms, and found the sky reflecting in a trail puddle. Above me, barren tree branchWinter Branches 818es echoed the puddle’s reflection, creating a stark pattern against the cloud-speckled sky.

Then, just a couple of days ago on another walk, I saw tiny bubbles surfacing from a puddle. I couldn’t resist! I knelt in the damp grasses at the edge of the little  pond. Holding the Sony as steady as I could, I held my breath and released the shutter. After several attempts I Wetlands Puddle 868managed a photograph of this mysterious macro world. Such a gift to find this simple beauty the rain had given us.

I’ve added the photographs shown here to my online catalog. You can view larger versions by clicking on these thumbnails. *By control or right-clicking on the ordering page image, you’ll see an even larger image of the photograph.

4 comments on “More Wetlands Photos with Small Sony

  1. William Blake would agree: “I question not my Corporeal or Vegetative Eye any more than I would Question a Window concerning a Sight. I look thro it & not with it.”

    • John,
      You have raised the literary value of my blog by magnitudes with the Blake quotation. It reminds me of another somewhat mystical quote, creator unknown by me:
      “Speak when spoken through.”

      Thanks for signing up for my blog!

  2. Awesome photo of the reflection in the puddle, Marty. That’s exactly what I would be interested in photographing had I been there at that time. It reminds me of how much your work over the last 35 years or so has informed me about how to really see things with my mind as well as my eyes. There’s a conversation there!

    • Bets- I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. That is we first see with just our eyes. Then with time and practice we learn to see with our mind. What I hope is to be able to see even more with my heart. Thanks for reflecting on the creative process of photography. I enjoyed hearing from you!

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