Spring Mornings at Tomales Bay

Eastern View at Daybreak, Shell Beach

The sunrise, as seen from Shell Beach, Inverness, creates drama at this rocky point.

The fount of beauty at Point Reyes never runs dry. On two recent mornings, I visited the east shore of Tomales Bay to explore the early light. I had visited both Shell Beach and Martinelli Park near Inverness many previous afternoons, but these were my first early morning explorations. I’ve lived at Point Reyes for over forty years, photographing the landscape for nearly thirty of those years, and on mornings like these I feel I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of the visual delights here.

Three Geese, 263, Tomales Bay Mudflats

As the tide grew higher, these three geese patrolled the water’s edge at Martinelli Park in Inverness. Black Mountain rises prominently on the eastern horizon.

Piers and Black Mountain, Teacher's Beach

Three piers are at Teacher’s Beach on the east shore of Tomales Bay.

Inverness Wetlands, Tomales Bay

Beautiful morning light sparkles on Tomales Bay and shines on the mudflats there.

Shell Beach 14.212

During a minus tide I can walk around this rocky point at Shell Beach, Inverness

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