Shell Beach Trail Photos

This last Monday afternoon I found my mind wandering as I worked on a catalog of my photographs. I became drowsy and decided It was time to either take a nap, or go for a walk. I remembered the trail to Shell Beach and gathered my camera gear to head out for a stroll.

Just north of the village of Inverness is a beautiful forested trail. It winds down a hill to Shell Beach, an intimate and sheltered cove favored by the natives. Sunlight filters through the dense canopy, spot-lighting fern stands and other foliage in this rain/fog forest. In May, I had photographed the beach on a couple of early mornings, re-discovering its charms after a decade’s absence. Now I’d returned for a quiet walk, this time, in the afternoon. I brought my camera along in case the forest light was enticing.¬† It was. Here are a few photographs I made with my IR-converted Panasonic camera as I walked up and down the trail to Shell Beach. Click on the images to access the larger versions.

Shell Beach Trail View 607

Shell Beach Trail View 605


Shell Beach Trail View 618


Trees, Shell Beach Two


Forest Canopy, Shell Beach Trail 603

9 comments on “Shell Beach Trail Photos

  1. As a self-confessed “tree-whisperer,” I’m delighted to see trees I want to get to know. Believe it or not, I have never been to Shell Beach, but you make me want to go…..soon!

    • Bets,
      Thanks for the kudo. Speaking of covers of movies, ala “Tree Whisperer”, I’m sure you’ve heard of the flic “The Bridges of Madison County?” My new feature would be called “The Tees of Shell Beach Trail.” Wadya think? Perhaps a U-Tube video…

  2. When I was a kid living in San Mateo, whenever we visited Marguerite in Inverness we would go to Shell Beach. Sometime we would sail there, but most of the time we drove and walked down that same trail. Of course it was over 50 years ago, so the growth has changed, but I used to love that walk and the beach. Thanks for sharing those photos.


    • Susan,
      Thanks for sharing your memories. I have my own versions of many sweet walks down that trail. It was especially nice to return yesterday after not having been there for more than a decade.

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