Radiant Light Show Ends

My annual winter holiday exhibit ended this Sunday, January 5th. These last six weeks have been a gratifying time. Since we opened the show on Thanksgiving weekend, we’ve sold several major pieces. And, just as significant, Jean and I saw lots of smiling faces and received many compliments on the photographs displayed here. I’m inspired to continue my work of capturing images in the luminous world of infrared light! New work will be announced here and at my website, MartyKnapp.com

Although the event has ended, you can still order prints online. First, browse the Radiant Light Preview Gallery, copy the title of the photo you want and then paste it into the appropriate field at my Online Orders Page. Versions are available from elegant affordably-priced miniatures, to large dramatic wall art presentations.

For those who weren’t able to see my exhibit, I’ve posted a few photographs of the gallery I made before and during our opening reception on Thanksgiving Weekend. Enjoy!

Jean & Lily before doors open at Radiant Light show.

Jean & Lily before doors open at Radiant Light show.


Main wall of Radiant Light Exhibit


Fellow photographer Cliff Kingston gesticulates at the opening.


Counter area of Marty Knapp Photo Gallery


North corner view of Radiant Light Exhibit


Dunes infrared photos in lobby

2 comments on “Radiant Light Show Ends

  1. Marty your show looked great, both in person and in Photos. Glad it was a success. Yes more IR, and don’t forget the abstract pics. I didn’t notice any in the show, maybe they were there ,but overwhelmed by everything else. Anyhow great show.

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