Light far away, then so close

I’m enjoying being a bit more impulsive and free-wheeling with my photography lately. While coming home from errands on Tuesday night, Jean pointed out how lovely the new moon looked as it set behind our neighbor’s tree. We could see it from our back porch. I ran inside, grabbed my Sony Nex-7 and set it on a tripod. I focussed the moon through my old-school Canon FD 100 Macro lens, using the fabulous focus-magnifying feature on the live viewfinder. It was fun capturing this unplanned discovery of astronomical light.

CALIFORNIA, knapp porch, new moon, tree branch

New Moon seen from back porch of Knapp home on Feb. 9, 2016

The next morning, Jean was gathering things to bring to our local community’s thrift store. A particularly shiny glass candle holder caught my eye. She happily gave it to me when I told her I might photograph it some day.  That evening, I noticed it shining on my work table.  I brought my tripod-mounted camera closer and grabbed a portable LED spotlight to illuminate the glass object.  This time, instead of reaching for the cosmos, I delved much closer. I closely explored the lustrous reflections I found as I lit the glass. So exciting to see and photograph beautiful light so far away on one night and then so very close the next!

CALIFORNIA, MACRO, abstract, glass candle holder, patterns, reflections

A crescent moon appears from the curves of my glass candle holder.

CALIFORNIA, MACRO, abstract, glass candle holder, patterns, reflections

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