Glorious Morning Light

Giacomini Wetlands Trail, Morning Light

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This is the entrance to the Giacomini Wetlands. My dog, Lily, and I walk there in the morning. Sometimes the light is so amazing, we stop and stare before entering the trail.

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  1. Hi Marty – I have been spending a long weekend in the Point Reyes area every spring. Do you have any field shooting workshops planned for next spring? Terry.

    • Terry, Nothing on the calendar as of this time, but if I announce anything I’ll keep you in mind. Best to watch my newsletters for this sort of thing. I may make an announcement after the New Year. Not a lot of advance notice, I know, but that seems to be as advanced as I get these days. By the way, send me a couple of your favorite shots from recent Ireland trip when you have a chance. Cheers, Marty

  2. Marty–

    I like the light, and the fog on the ridge. For me, the fog gives it an interesting mood. Is this shot in infrared?

    I’m proceeding down the path of converting a camera to IR. It has been a somewhat involved story which I can tell you about when next we meet. I have not decided whether to use Precision Camera or LifePixel for the conversion. Precision Camera is less expensive ($199 vs. $275 for LifePixel), but they want me to send in a lens while LifePixel does not. Precision Camera says they need the lens to set the focus, but that it is at odds with what LifePixel tells me. I know you used Precision Camera for the conversion. Any concerns with their work? Was price the reason you did not go with LifePixel?



    • Hadley,
      I’ll write to you offline about this. Sometime today. Hold off until we talk.
      Yes… the photo is in infrared digital with my Panasonic G1

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