View Changes at Giacomini Wetlands

Over the last month I’ve watched as weather changes created new views at the Giacomini Wetlands near my home. Deep morning freezes around the New Year transformed the drought-ravaged grasses into a crystalline, white-frosted wonderland. Later, as things warmed up and welcoming rains returned, puddles along the trails reflected the barren trees and skies. Down below, some puddles oozed mysterious arrays of micro-bubbles. Fascinated, I knelt down with my camera lens just inches from the water’s surface to capture these floating shiny spheres. Then, just last week, morning fog festooned the newly-born grasses with jewels of dew, sparkling in the back-light of the morning sun.

Here are just a few of the photos I made since the new year.
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12 comments on “View Changes at Giacomini Wetlands

  1. Marty,
    The wetlands trail is almost the walkway to another universe! I love to see that you are out and taking more photos. The world around us is such an inspiring place.

    • Zoey,
      I hope I showed you the wetlands trail when you interned here last spring? I’ve been spending a lot of time, each morning walking the trails there. It is a place I am getting to know more deeply, day by day.

    • Dear Cindi,
      Guess what? I just added this photograph to my online catalog. It a favorite of my newest work this winter. You can order it online, securely, in anyone of a number of sizes and presentations here:
      Hope that helps! And thanks for letting me know you want this one.

  2. Marty,
    Your photos are most definitely inspirational. I love your wetlands trail reflection and ALL your bubble

    • Gary,
      The last one of the teasels covered with frost made Point Reyes look like Antartica! I’m very pleased with that one too.

    • Jim, Yes, all of these were made with the little RX100, dare I say sans tripod. What am I going to do now? The NEX-7 and A7R are weeping on the camera shelf, begging for me to take them for a walk!

  3. Marty your assessment of Giacomini Wetlands in beautifully written prose is reflected perfectly in the photos. It inspires me to open my eyes and appreciate Nature’s softer gifts.

    • Terry-

      Thanks for noticing these photographs and letting me know they affect your own creative life’s goals.

      Tonight, I read a quote on Michael Johnston’s blog that sums up my feelings about what you and I and other photographers are supposed to do:
      “A photographer’s job is to shoot something
      no one else would see.” —Marjorie Salvaterra

      More and more, my life as a photographer becomes realized by looking more deeply and attempting to report with my images that which I have seen (and on a good day, something about the way I felt when I saw it.)

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