After the Rain

Last week brought some welcome rain to Point Reyes. We’ve been suffering from a drought that has all of us carefully watching our water usage. This rain freshened the air, brought the birds out and created lots of smiles on main street! I broke away from the studio to explore the Nicasio Reservoir. No, the water level didn’t rise appreciably, but the sky was filled with beautiful post-storm clouds and the light was gorgeous.¬† Here’s one of the photographs I made using the panorama feature on my new Sony A7R camera. Click the image to see a larger version.

Nicasio and Black Mountain Pano 95

3 comments on “After the Rain

  1. You will love your new full frame camera! BTW I really like “After the Rain” and the the precision tri-matting!!! You are multi-talented.

    • Yes. As much as I’ve told people that you don’t need a full frame camera to make beautiful, artful photographs, I went out and got me one. It’s solid, lovely and has all the nerdy controls and options that I’d ever need. I’m particularly interested in the panorama feature and will hope to show more of my experiments with that feature soon!

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