Abbotts Lagoon at Daybreak

I had the good fortune to greet the sunrise at Abbotts Lagoon this last Saturday morning. I was coaching two photographers on a field photography workshop. We arrived before daybreak and began walking west toward the Pacific. We had planned our walk to coincide with the changing light from the rising sun. As we started, a few stars were still visible in the darkened western sky.

Of all the places in the Point Reyes Seashore, none rivals Abbotts Lagoon for its quiet beauty, especially on an early spring morning. On our day, wisps of fog lifted from the ground as the sun began to warm us. We walked the one-mile trail from the parking lot to the sand dunes that line the lagoon and separate it from the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, there were moments of light and space so sweet that I dared only whisper to my friends. I feared that my full voice would shatter the peace that held us in this holy place. Here are a few photos I made during our walk.

Abbotts Lagoon 31514 825 AM

Abbotts Lagoon 31514 806 rAMGreat Blue at Abbotts Lagoon 2

8 comments on “Abbotts Lagoon at Daybreak

  1. Your writing, like your photography, is quite lyrical – reading your entry makes me feel as if I were there . . .

  2. Now I know why I’m an artist and not a photographer, artist don’t have to get up before 10:am. I’ve never seen Abbots lagoon look so good so early.

    • Michael – I know what you mean!
      People often ask me when is my favorite time of day to photograph the landscape. There are two choices: The first or last hour of sunlight. Most of my photography is done at the end of the day, when my brain is warmed up. However, if I can force myself out of bed there are great delights to be found in the morning.

  3. Was there an opening to the Ocean when you visited Abbots? Good that you didn’t have to carryon of your larger cameras.

    • Don, we were so taken with the light at the beginning of the lagoon we never went all the way out. I don’t know if the winter tides/storms broke it open this year. Yes, I’m thankful to be travelling lighter these days!

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