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Logan Kelsey short film on Marty Knapp posted
I just got an email from my friend, Logan Kelsey, telling me he posted the film he made of me photographing Point Reyes. I hope you enjoy this nearly 4-minute-long journey as Logan uses his photographic art to masterfully show how I create mine:

A Personal, Creative Project
This January, Logan Kelsey, a San Francisco Bay area film editor and director, visited me at my gallery to ask if he could make a short film about me. He told me it would be a personal project, one that would mean much to him because of his deep connection to Point Reyes and my photography of this place. Logan, who now lives in Mill Valley, had lived in Point Reyes for several years when he was a young boy, and as he later told me, his most cherished memories came from those years. How could I resist?

The timing was perfect for me, as things had slowed down at the studio after the holidays. and the idea was fascinating. He explained we would get together several times including a sit-down at my studio where he would interview me, and then a few times at landscape locations which I had previously photographed, so he could film me at work.

A Surprising Coincidence
As we worked together, traveling to and from several iconic Point Reyes locations, we became friends. The experience was enriching for both of us. While driving back from Drakes Bay, Logan told me about some of his memories of living in Inverness. We took a little detour so he could drive past his childhood home.  As we turned off the main road, my own memories were sparked. I had also lived on this street myself, very long ago. He slowed down, and, as I looked up at the house where I had lived, he pulled over and pointed toward the very same house. “There it is!”  We were both speechless. At different times, both his family and mine had lived in the same house! We both have cherished memories of living here.

I told Logan that  while living there, I had made what I considered to be my first truly good photograph. Inverness Porch, was captured on a Saturday morning in 1974 from my kitchen doorway. The fact that my creative photography had begun, there, at this house we both knew so well, became a touchstone. I believe this is reflected in the intimate quality and mood of Logan’s filming of me. The music, composed and scored by Dexter Britain, melds perfectly with the flow of images and narration. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

About Logan Kelsey
I learned that Logan not only cares deeply about the quality of his work,  but that he is passionate about the people he works with whose creative efforts strike a chord with him. He lately has been working with smaller creative businesses, making films that help establish the brand for these companies. This current work balances the rigors of his ongoing film and editing work with larger, household name corporations. You can learn more about Logan and his company, Vertical Online when you go to his blog about the making of the film here:
Logan Kelsey’s blog about Marty Knapp film

Scenes in the film
Logan’s film begins and ends on the rocky bluffs that form the headlands near Chimney Rock. If you look closely, near the end (3:05), you’ll see a congregation of Sea Lions on the beach below. They barked continuously, amusing us with their animated conversation, as Logan and I worked on the wind-swept bluffs high above them.

Here’s a list of some of the other scenes you’ll find in the film:

0:26 Horseman 985 View Camera, my only film camera used between 1998 – 2011            0:35 Family album, Marty childhood through high school portraits
0:54 The Great Beach, Point Reyes
1:01 Tomales Bay scenes
1:07 Point Reyes Lighthouse
1:22 Album – Point Reyes friends, 1970s
1:30 Marty & Jean family photos
1:38 Wetlands Barn near Knapp family home
1:45 Drakes Beach
2:00 Various Marty Knapp black & white landscape photographs
2:59 Chimney Rock
3:05 Sea Lions

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