Getting my Feet Wet

For about a year I’ve been thinking that I’d like to have a blog. This would fill a different purpose but would also be supportive of both my websites and my periodic email newsletter. My hope is that it would be posted more often, have a more immediate sense of what’s going on around here than is expressed in my infrequent newsletters. So, bear with me if you can while I sort out the snarls, the twisty turns, and the repeats that are bound to occur as I get this off the ground. Being weakened by my own perfectionism, it is entirely possible that I’d sit here avoiding writing anything until the format is perfect. Lord knows I’ve done that many times. But, tonight I realized that my blog doesn’t have to perfect to get it going… it just needs to be an honest, direct communique about what matter to me concerning photography and reflections on my own experience creating it.  With that in mind, here goes… and I hope that future posts will not only be more compelling, but that they would also look better too!

Okay, I’m off to look at the inside of one of the fabulous barns we have on the California coast. My friend Amanda has put me in touch with her friend, also Amanda who has this special barn. In the meantime here’s where I was last in my project of photographing these special old structures, part of my recent exhibit: Where the Light Gets In.

Morning light streams in through the cracks of a historic dairy barn near Point Reyes Station, California

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