Sky Walks Details

SKY WALKS by Marty Knapp       

• 9″w x 8″h, French flap, soft-cover volume, $27.00.
• 76 pages, 56 photographs in 4 sections
• Introduction and text by the artist.
ª All books are signed by Marty Knapp
*This book only available online here or by contacting Marty Knapp

Marty’s new book features his finest night sky photographs from his well-known moonrise photographs through his galactic views of starry nights over California’s northern coast and its southern deserts.
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Who this book is for:
This book is for you, who have gazed into the darkened sky–the unfathomable infinite spaces, hoping to touch with your spirit the countless lights that never die. It’s for those who have lain in the warm grass of summer, looking up and hoping to see a shooting star. And, it is for everyone who fell under the spell of a full moon that suddenly and mysteriously floated above the horizon. 

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