September Sunset, McClures B. TS


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4 comments on “September Sunset, McClures B. TS

  1. This September Sunset at McClures Beach is my favorite. While the lighting in each of your photos conjures up emotions, this one feels like autumn despite no natural evidence of the season. McClures is also the location that I sat with my wife watching a tremendous winter storm and decided to ask her to marry me. I did so later that day. That was 37 years ago and McClures is still special to us for that reason.

  2. Hi Marty, It is really hard to pick a favorite, especially since I already own Inverness Ridge. But since I have to choose one, I choose September Sunset as my favorite. McClure’s is a remote and wind swept beach and the surf is typically very rough. Your photo captures such a serene moment. It is as if the sun, sky, rocks, ocean and sand are in conversation with one another and enjoying one another’s company. The photo encompasses the majestic beauty of the beach with a beautiful play on light in the clouds and on the water and sand.

  3. This is my favorite photo this year because of its drama and balance. The balance between dark rocks and the bright sun is eye-catching and mesmerizing. The contrast between the movement of the water and the stillness of the rocks is calming and dramatic at the same time. It was a hard choice, but the composition of this photo makes it my favorite.

  4. This is my favorite (though the choice was tough!)
    The way the waning sunlight makes the water almost irridescent is stunning, as is the sense that the tide is both coming in and receding.
    Thank you for your beautiful images which let me dream of California from here in Guilford, CT.

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