Boathouse and Perigee Moon TS


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4 comments on “Boathouse and Perigee Moon TS

  1. This photo is my favorite of your collection as it elicits so many fond memories. As a kid, we drove up to Inverness regularly to spend time at my grandparents cabin. Seeing this beautiful picture reminds me of beach sandwiches at Shell, foggy mornings, ghost stories before bed (that somehow encouraged us kids to brush our teeth), and family birthdays. As my grandparents get older (97 and 98!) having mementos of time spent together become more and more meaningful. This picture perfectly encapsulates the magic that Inverness holds.

  2. Marty Knapp’s photography is alive. His mastery of light and intimate knowledge of the area comes through in each image. Long ago, my sister and I strapped on our Tevas and biked past “Launch For Hire” early mornings on our way to sailing camp. For me, this photograph captures that dank Tomales Bay smell, the gentle morning breeze before the afternoon gales, and the seemingly endless hours waiting for the tide to rise so we could finally launch. Yes, this one is a favorite.

  3. This photo is definitely my favorite, and illustrates one of my favorite views of my childhood. I spent many weekends as a child staying at my grandmother’s shack on stilts in West Marin, across Tomales Bay from this boathouse and always loved gazing over at it, orienting myself. The hills in the background reminded me of a giant’s hand, reaching over the mountain. 🙂

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