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    • Suzanne,
      It’s great to hear from you! Keep watching….. more galactic sparkling skies are coming soon.

    • Virginia,
      It was a moment to remember. I love that I got to photograph this!
      Thanks for commenting.

  1. Marvelous. Gorgeous. Sensational. Awesome. Deep. I expect to be out to your shop two weeks hence, and hope to see there a large-format print of this starry night…and also your promised shot of a spectacular Milky-Way/night-sky at another beach. Many thanks for your knowledge and persistence.

    • Kathleen-
      Thanks. When you get here you will see large format prints…. all the stars in these new night sky photographs I’ve been making. I’m still exploring and will be releasing more photographs soon, including the Milky Way I shot at another beach last week….

  2. Me too, Marty! . . . I want one! . . .Gives me goose bumps!…Thank you for capturing such an awesome sight!

    • Isn’t the night sky full of wonders, magic? It always makes me feel glad to be alive…. goosebumps here, too, my friend.

  3. Holy !! I want one….!! Get ready Mr. Knapp… coz I’m going to want a BIG print of this one, at some point. 😉 With the regular natural weather in our area, an image like that, has to be normally nearly impossible to expect to capture, at that location… Utterly Spectacular!

    • You are too kind Mr. Duggan.
      Let me know when you’re ready for your big print and I’ll roll up my sleeves and make you a very special one!

    • T.C. – I actually photograph the night sky in color and then convert it. Some of the colors I get from long exposures seem gaudy and unnatural to me. Most of all they don’t look anything like the sky looks to me when I make the photo.

  4. Marty: I am awestruck. Thank you for making this experience available to all of us through your camera. Deeply touching. Have lived out here for 40 years of so and have never seen anything like this. Thank you Marty!

    • Thanks, Kate. You know I didn’t think it would be dark enough or clear enough in our skies here, either. Tonight I went out again and found the Milky Way at another beach. More news about this to follow…

    • Thanks, Richard.
      The overwhelming beauty and mystery of our night sky. So special to see it on our coast, here.

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