Milky Way Reflects, McClures Beach, TS

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5 comments on “Milky Way Reflects, McClures Beach, TS

  1. Among these many gorgeous images, my absolute favorite is “Milky Way Reflects, McClures Beach, TS”. I have a print of this photograph in my home, and I look at it everyday finding something new each time or sometimes just reflecting on the infinite captured in this photograph. The sky, the sea, the sense of movement and beauty are a rich and calming source. Thank you, Marty.

  2. My personal favourite of those you have chosen has to be “Milky Way Reflects at McClures Beach”. It combines the atmospheric view of the Beach at night with the spectacle of the Milky Way, the Galaxy of which we are such a small part. Either view well worth photographing but in combination is just awe inspiring. I love the clarity of the star pictures and the subtle detail of the rock formations that you have so eloquently captured.

    That said, any of your chosen favourites would grace any wall.

  3. Favorite.
    The image seems to capture the Universe showering magic onto the shores. Stunning and captivating!
    Need to get back to that magical place soon.

  4. Milky Way Reflects over McLures Beach is my favorite; my Michele wife took me there on our second date and we picnicked on Potato Leek Soup in the sea cave on the south end.

  5. Favorite!! Your work is breathtaking, but you seem to have a special knack when it comes to stars and the Milky Way. The composition, as in all your photos is inviting and always takes me on a journey.

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